Jennifer – Founder Language Café Accra


Hi! I am Jennifer, I founded Language Café Accra in December 2020. At first it was my idea to create a safe space for myself and a few other to practice Twi language, and meet some new people in Accra. Very quickly it became clear that more people are looking to practice Twi and, especially, meeting new people. We expanded to more Language Café meetings, as well as more languages.

But my life in Ghana didn’t start with Language Café Accra. I came to Ghana for the first time in June 2013. I was this typical volunteer from Europe. Straight out of high school, volunteering for two months near Kasoa. After that Summer I visited Ghana 10 times before I moved in September 2019.

During the ten times I visited places all over Ghana, mainly solo. That’s also why I added tours to Language Café Accra. To not keep all the beautiful places in this country to myself. Traveling is also a great way to support small businesses and grassroots NGOs, so take a look at our travel Instagram page for inspiration and our upcoming tours.

With Language Café Accra I created a place in Accra where people can come to practice languages or help others with their language, and most importantly: a community to meet new people in this chaotic, busy but lovely and entertaining city.

You’re most welcome to join us as well! Scroll down on this page for our Language Cafés in Accra and our day and weekend trips through Ghana.