Volunteer opportunities

Are you looking for voluntary work in Accra? If you want to grow your social network in Accra, practice languages or just want to do something meaningful in your free time: look no further! Join our community in Accra now.

Language Café Accra is a fast growing and well known community network in Accra, Ghana. We facilitate offline meetings between language learners and native/fluent speakers of this language to practice conversational skills. We also organize educational/cultural tours around Ghana, cooking classes in Accra, a monthly potluck get together and more.

The idea of LCA was to start a meeting once a month to practice Twi language and we grow into a community with around twenty meetings a month all across Accra. The other events are also a result of the feedback of the community. Yes, we do listen to you!

You can be part of our growing organization by dedicating some of your spare time and your knowledge. We are always looking for new people who want to be involved. Ideally we are able to pay all positions, but at the moment we can not do that. Therefor, some position are voluntary, some based on commission and some are partly paid. We aim to create fully paid position in the future.

So, if you have a little time on your hands and you would like to meet new people in the capital of Ghana: here are your options with Language Café Accra:

Host or regular volunteer at Language Cafés

We are always looking for new voluntary hosts and regular volunteers for our Language Cafés. As a volunteer during the meetings you will help language learners improving their conversational skills. You will get a topic (including questions) to talk about, and while having the conversation you will help the learners with grammar, pronunciation and adding words to their vocabulary.

Regular volunteers just sign up for the Café they are available for. You don’t have to come to all our Cafés This position is very flexible!

If you really want to be part of the community, you can become a Language Café Host. This means you are attending every Café we agree on, it’s often once or twice a month in the evening. You will be the “leader” of the Café and represents LCA. Part of it is welcoming (new) people, making sure every one is comfortable, dealing with the finances and explain more about LCA.

Do you want to start a Language Café in your area? Let’s talk! We can always add extra Cafés to existing languages, or start with a new language.

For questions about volunteering or hosting or applying as a host (regular volunteers can just sign up for Cafés) email us on

Facebook community assistant

Do you want to volunteer from your own home (even remotely now and then)? This is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you then.

We are looking for 2 or 3 people to help managing the Facebook community group. You will update the community about our upcoming events and tours, and more importantly encourage people to engage in the group. This means you will create posts with questions, recommendations or jokes where people will respond to. We want to make this online community as good as our offline community.

Depending on the number of assistants this job will take a few hours every week. It can be done from your home in Accra/Ghana or even outside of Ghana.

For questions or applying for the community assistants email us on

Business/sponsorship help

Language Café Accra is growing and so are our costs. The community has helped hundreds of people already to get friends in the city, accommodation, jobs, travel buddies and what not. This can’t stop here. It also means that we have to step up business wise, and that’s where you come in.

We’re looking for someone (or two people) who want to brainstorm and help implement ideas to get income for LCA to sustain and grow our community. This could be paid membership programs/events, sponsorships with local businesses in Accra, affiliate programs with language teachers and school, merchandise etc.

Business meetings will be once in a while (every few weeks) in person, implementing can be done from your home in Accra. If possible there’s a volunteer allowance based on commission.

For questions or applying for the business/sponsorship help email us on

Travel host (closed)

We have enough Travel Hosts!

Beside our events in Accra, we also organize tours out of the city. We have been to Busua, Kpando, Mole National Park, Shai Hills, Kokrobite, just to name a few. And we are doing great! People love our tours, and we love organizing them.

If you love traveling in groups (and managing them!) and have experience with traveling in Ghana you can be one of our tour hosts. Note: we are not looking for tour guides who already have their own tour agency. Travel hosts lead our groups, bring in new destinations, give feedback about the tours and partly manage the finances. You don’t have to know everything about every destination. If needful, we also hire specific tour guides on our trips.

As a travel host you will start taking people on day trips, later on you will also lead weekend trips. This position is very flexible, you can do as many trips as possible and as you want.

Travel hosts will be paid based on length of trip, number of people and destination. Meals, accommodation, transportation and activities will always be covered by LCA.

For questions or applying for travel host email us on

Copy writer (blogs and social media)

Our website is a bit empty, and our social media can be much more informative and entertaining. We are looking for someone who wants to write blogs (about tour destinations, events in Accra, interviews with the community etc) and social media posts to change this.

This opportunity will require a few hours of your week, and will be done from your home. Of course, we can meet once in a while to brainstorm about the next topics/plan.

If you (or the business/sponsorship help, see above) manage to get paid adverts on board, this opportunity could be rewarded with a volunteer allowance.

For questions or applying for the copy writer email us on

Do you have other volunteer work in mind?

You can always send us an email with your ideas to volunteer with us