Language Café

Not sure yet what a Language Café is? No worries, we will explain it on this page.

Learn and practice Twi Language in Accra

We practice Twi Language in Osu at African Vibrations Hostel on Fridays. Our Fluent Volunteers are ready to help you with our basic sheet. You will learn useful phrases such as “how are you” “how much does this costs” and “what is the time”. If you have other questions you are free to ask.

If you come more often and want to improve your Twi you can bring your own learning materials or ask for our material that is a bit more difficult.

Please note that we are not a language course, and to speak Twi fluently you have to practice a lot. Just joining us on Fridays is not enough, but a good start and a good way to meet other Learners.

Sign up for our Twi Cafés here.

Practice languages in Accra

Join our Multi Languages Cafés on Mondays and Tuesdays to practice all languages. Sign up with the language(s) you can help, and find out which other languages are available. All languages are welcome! Also if you think no one wants to practice it.

Part of Multi Language Cafés is also just to exchange languages and cultures in general. To find out the differences and similarities about people from all over the world.

Meet new people in the city

People also come to the Cafés to meet new people and exchange experiences about living in Ghana. Over time LCA became a spot for people to increase their network, find housing, get job opportunities and travel buddies.

Don’t be afraid to come to our Cafés on your own. Almost everyone came alone the first time, and by now they are part of the Family.

How much does it cost?

We are asking you to leave a “pay as you can”-donation. In this way someone with less financial resources can also join the program. You can make your donation based on your income, how much you valued the Café and how much you support this initiative.

Overall most people give 10-100GHS per meeting. Donations are made anonymously, and we trust everyone will contribute what they can.

Donations are used to continue and grow the movement.

What else does LCA do?

We also organize other events/social gatherings in and outside Accra. Check out our events and tours pages for more information.