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Language trips:

Ashanti Twi Weekend: Soon

Mango Farm Day Trip: November 2022

Other events:

Monthly potluck Sunday 27 November: https://forms.gle/c2rPQQD8VvxrcNEo9

Language Cafés in Accra:

Check the agenda here


Osu Friday 25 November: https://forms.gle/E1ZiSkYfspQ5gVcc8


Airport soon


Osu Monday 28 November: https://forms.gle/CFBr9jCLRQcq6PW9A



Airport soon




Asylum Down soon


Airport soon

Fusha Arabic


Language Café in Kokrobite (every Tuesday: Ga, Twi, English and German)
Send a text to 055 148 5 233 to get access to the Whatsapp Group


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Language Café Accra facilitates offline meetings in Accra between language learners and native speakers of the language. During a meeting we will do short assignments and provide topic starters to have a real discussion. We are NOT a language course, but rather an “out of classroom experience” in addiction to a course or other way of learning the language you are already doing. You don’t have to attend every meeting!

At this moment we offer Twi, Ga, Ewe, English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German meetings at five different venues in three areas of Accra and weekly Café in Kokrobite. We have approximately 25 meetings a month, and all attract 10 – 25 people each time.

Entrance fee for learners is based on “pay as you can”. Look for the donation box and leave an amount you are able to miss. In this way we make the meetings accessible for as many people as possible. Donations are used for overhead costs and growing the movement.

We also organize language trips around Ghana. Main goal is to practice the language while exploring the country. Learning a new language is fun!

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If you want to start a Language Café in Accra with your language or you want to start a Language Café in your town/city in Ghana send an email to hello@languagecafeghana.com

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