Visit the famous Kakum National Park

Have you already heard about Kakum National Park located in the Central Region of Ghana? It’s one of Ghana’s top tourist destinations. One you really have to experience!

On Sunday May 5 we are taking you there! On a day trip from Accra you will visit the Park as well as the Elmina Castle. It’s the easiest way to visit these popular tourist attraction. We make it easy for you: just book and enjoy the ride.

Here are some facts about Kakum National Park

  • In 2022 Kakum National Park counted 136,256 visitors (you can be one of them in 2024!)
  • The Park is named after the Kakum River whose headwaters lie within the park’s borders
  • Kakum is the first national park in Ghana created by local initiative
  • 25 villages and an agricultural landscape consisting primarily of food crops and cocoa are located around the park
  • The Kakum National Park’s main attraction is a 330 meter, 7 bridge canopy walkway, up to 43 meters above the canopy floor (it’s not for the ones with fear of heights but the view is incredible!)
  • More than 600 butterfly species have been recorded at Kakum

Do you want to learn more, or BETTER: experience Kakum National Park?

Join us on Sunday May 5 on our Day Trip to Elmina Castle and Kakum. We will organize everything from the pick up point in Accra, the sightseeing in Central Region and back to Accra in one day!