Ashanti Weekend – Twi and Cooking edition!

Do you want to cook Ghanaian meals and learn Twi words regards to food and cooking? Join our Weekend to Ashanti Region. Get out of the city and let’s go on an adventure!

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On 18-19-20 November we are taking you to Banko, a small village in Ashanti Region, about 6 hours drive from Accra. Don’t worry, we will organize the transportation as well.

If you like food (very important!), discovering a new environment, traveling in a small group (10 – 12 people) and learning words in a different language: this weekend is for you!

During several cooking classes we will learn how to make:

  • Moon&Star’s version of light soup
  • Red red
  • Mpotopoto
  • And the hibiscus drink sobolo

While we dive into the Twi Language and discuss words and phrases related to food and cooking such as think about the names of vegetables, verbs related to cooking and phrases like “I like food” or “Please do you have onions?” since we are also paying a visit to the nearest market. We can’t cook without ingredients!

We will be lodging at Moon and Star Guesthouse, just outside of the town Banko. A very peaceful environment! You can choose to stay alone in a room, or share with someone (if you sign up with someone, you can stay in the same room on request). The cooking classes will be at the guesthouse. For some exercise we will climb a prayer mountain on Sunday morning.

Everything is arranged for you. The package fee is including transportation from Accra (getting your own transportation is possible for a reduced fee), meals, Twi classes and excursions. We are bringing a Language Café Accra volunteer to help with the Twi Language. And… people in Ashanti Region speak Twi, so we will go to town and practice with the people.

I want to join!

Package fees:

1599GHS per person for shared room (if you come with others you can stay in the same room) with transportation from Accra

1799GHS per person for private room (you alone) with transportation from Accra

1199GHS per person (shared room) without transportation from Accra

1399GHS per person (own room) without transportation from Accra

A deposit of 400GHS has to be made to secure your spot.

We need the minimum number of 8 people to book with transportation from Accra to make this trip happen (deposit will be 100% refunded if we can’t)

Fill the form to book or email for more information.

See you in Banko!