Multi Languages Café in Spintex

1 Day

Multi Languages Café in Labone

Do you want to practice Languages in Accra

Join us every Tuesday at La’Boul Café at Spintex (near Palace Mall). We start from 6PM (you can come later). RSVP here and you will get a confirmation and reminder email in your mailbox.

Check the FAQs for your questions.

Costs: pay as you can donation

Day 1 :


Is this Café for beginners?

Not completely. If you’re coming to learn Ghanaian languages you can come with your beginners questions (if you want to learn Basic Twi join our Twi Cafés).

If you want to practice conversational skills you need a basic level of the language to be able to have a conversation. Fluent Speakers will help you improve with vocabulary, grammar and accent.

We are NOT a language course.

How much does attending the Café costs?

We ask for a “pay as you can”-donation to cover our costs such as this website. You can leave any amount you can miss in our donation box on the table.

Can I volunteer as a Fluent Speaker?

Yes! You can RSVP and thick the box “volunteer” if you want to help us teaching Languages to others. We’re excited to have you on board!

Which languages are available to practice?

This completely depends on who is coming and which language they speak. We can normally offer English, French, German and Twi. You can check out the link to see which languages are available the next Multi Languages Café.

Where is the Café in Spintex?