The beginning of Language Café Accra

The first Language Café took place in December 2020. We welcomed about 10 people for the first Twi Café in Osu. What was meant to be a monthly meeting, quickly happened every week. Now LCA is a fixed appointment in many people’s agendas.

Jennifer started Language Café Accra to solve two problems she was facing: no safe space to practice Twi language, and she didn’t know a lot of people in Accra. She merged the problems together, and the solution was a meeting to practice Twi and meet some new people.

As said above, after the first Café is was such a success she decided to do it every other week, and then quickly every week. A few month later people started to offer to host their native language. Now we offer eight languages at five venues in Accra and one in Kokrobite, and facilitate about 25 Cafés a month.

The idea for the Day and Weekend Trips was born when Jennifer realized the visitors of Language Cafés wanted to hang out and travel together, outside of the Cafés. Now we also show you the beautiful country we all live in, while we practice languages and learn about other cultures.