Sponsor a chair: be involved!

Do you want to promote your business in Accra to people who actually do live there? Or do you just want to be part of Accra’s fast-growing Family?

We are looking for one-time and monthly sponsors

Language Café Accra quickly became a well-known language network in Accra. It’s the place to be to learn and practice languages and make new friends in the city.

The concept is simple: language learners meet native/fluent speakers of the language and practice mainly conversational skills. Participation is based on a “pay as you can”-donation to give everyone the opportunity to join.

It’s time for the next level. We are rapidly growing, and we want to involve YOU!

Starting from 150GHS/19EUR one time contribution or 250GHS/32EUR per month with all the benefits, you can help us continue the Language movement and organize more cultural events. The ideas are endless, and we can’t wait.

What’s in for you? A one-time contribution of 150GHS sponsors a chair at our most popular weekly Café in Osu. You can put your name/company logo sticker on it. Every week it will be seen by +30 people. New one-time sponsors will be shared on our social media channels and newsletter (see numbers below).

Looking for more? A monthly 250GHS sponsors a chair with your promotion and your name/logo will be shared in the Twi Cafés mails and the partner list on the website and Facebook group. We will share the name in every e-mail communication about Twi Cafés as long as the sponsorship lasts.

Fill in the form or send an email to and let’s talk!

Numbers: +30 people at the weekly Twi Cafés, appr. 75 people each week in total at the Cafés at several venues in Accra, 600 newsletter subscribers, 1500 members in the Facebook group, 850 likes on Facebook, 1100 followers on Instagram

T&C apply

One time chair sponsoring and monthly sponsoring:

  1. Once sponsored, the chair will become the property of Language Café Accra. Sponsorship of a chair does not entitle the sponsor to any special admission or seating rights.
  2. While the chairs are expected to last for many years and every effort will be made to avoid damage, no guarantee can be given that any one chair will be in LCA for any specific period.
  3. Any name or company logo (sticker) should be provided by the sponsor.
  4. A new sponsor will be shared on Language Café Accra’s social media and newsletter once.
  5. By sponsoring a chair the sponsor also contributes to the growth and continuation of Language Café Accra by covering overhead costs, marketing costs and other necessary costs

Monthly sponsoring:

  1. Conditions from one time chair sponsoring applies.
  2. A monthly sponsorship comes with one sponsored chair, introduction of a new sponsor in the newsletter, in the Facebook group and page and Instagram stories.
  3. Monthly sponsors will be shared in every e-mail communication for Twi Cafés (confirmation mails and “last information” mails)
  4. “Sponsor a chair” will be symbolic sponsoring a chair once the maximum number of chairs is reached. Other promotion will still take place.
  5. The monthly amount must be paid before the 28th of the month before (sponsorship for March must be paid before February 28th).
  6. Sponsor can quit the sponsorship by letting Language Café Accra know one (1) month ahead of time by e-mail.
  7. Language Café Accra will review the sponsorship every three (3) months and is allowed to change or quit the sponsorship.
  8. Language Café Accra will spend the amount on overhead costs, marketing costs and other necessary costs to continue and grow the movement.