Language Café Accra: practice languages

At Language Café Accra we practice languages with Native/Fluent Speakers in an information environment. You can join as a Learner or a Volunteer, come to the venue and interact with the other people.

The Cafés are suitable for Learners who already have a basic understanding of the language (except for our Ghanaian Language Cafés). We are not a language course, but rather an “out of class room” – experience. You can practice what you are learning during a course with us in the Café.

After signing up through the registration form, you will get a confirmation email as soon as possible. On the day of the Café you will get an e-mail with the content that will be discussed. Depending on the language, it could go from questions about traveling, animals or food to discussing different cultures or diving into the grammar of a language.

Beside practicing languages, we are also a platform to meet new people in Accra. We know it can be difficult to find new friends. At LCA you will find people who are interested in languages, other cultures, traveling and more. The Cafés attract a mix of different nationalities from all over the world. Join our monthly Potluck in the Park to meet others in a casual way.

Our Cafés take place in restaurants and co-working spaces. During a meeting you can order drinks and snacks so we can continue the partnership with the venues in Accra. Participation for Learners is based on a “pay as you can” – donation. Ask for the donation box and leave any amount you can miss.

On top of the Language Cafés in Accra we also organize Day and Weekend Trips through Ghana. We show you the best parts of the country, add some things you not get from another tour and we practice languages. Check the current tours here.

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