Multi Languages Café

Do you want to practice languages in Accra? Do you want to meet people who are open minded, adventurous, spontaneous and international orientated?

Join our bi-weekly Multi Languages Café!

Practice languages in Accra

A Multi Languages Café is a Language Café where we practice all languages available. You can sign up as a Fluent Speaker for example for English and Spanish. Arrive at the Café and find out (together with the LCA Host) if there are people who want to practice. You can also come to the Café to practice the languages available (you will see the available languages for every Café at the sign up form). In this way you can be the Language Learner and Fluent Speaker during one Café. It’s allowed to move tables during the session.

How to register

You can register for Monday in Labone and Tuesday at Spintex. If you didn’t register you’re still welcome to join. We do prefer registrations.

Which languages will be available

We don’t know yet! For every Multi Language Café people have to sign up with the languages they can offer. Every week there will be new (and former) people, and we don’t know them yet. We do expect that English, German, French and Twi are always available. Any language is welcome! Even if you think your language is not widely spoken or too difficult for someone to learn: we can still try and enjoy the company.

What will you learn at the Café

Do keep in mind that your own initiative is very very very encouraged to participate at a Language Café. We will prepare learning material (this will increase over time), but you (as the Learner or Speaker) should also bring your questions, flashcards, videos etc.

We are not a language course. We practice languages in an informal way. People who join our Cafés to practice languages are currently learning a language (through a course), or want to keep practicing the languages so they won’t forget it.

If you join as a Learner, Fluent Speakers will help you with conversational skills and correct your grammar, increase your vocabulary and just answer all your questions. We don’t work with a work book, exams and certificates. All Language Cafés will be different every week.

Where are the Cafés

We run our Multi Languages Cafés on Mondays at Nguni Bar & Grill in Labone, and on Tuesdays at La’Boul Café at Spintex (near Palace Mall).

Can I join just to meet people

Of course! You can also join us every week to just exchange languages and cultures, and have a nice evening. At Nguni (Mondays) you can have nice cold drinks, and at La’Boul Café (Tuesdays) you can have delicious bakeries! After all, Language Café Accra is a network organization. And we practice languages to let you meet “your kind of people”. But if you don’t feel like speaking Manderin, French, Hausa or Italian that evening and still feel like meeting people… Be our guest (but respects the ones that do want to practice!).

How much does it cost

Our Language Café programs in Accra are based on a “pay as you can donation”. In this way we can pay a drink for the LCA Host, run the website, run the promotion and continue our community. You decide how much you want to give.