Learn Twi in Ghana on the beach!

Do you want to learn Twi in Ghana? Join our Twi&Surf Weekend to Busua, Ghana’s surfer’s paradise.

Next Weekend: 15-16-17 July

Twi is Ghana’s most spoken local language. It’s spoken by about 85% of the Ghanaian population. That makes it the best language for you to try when you are in Ghana. Even though there are areas in Ghana where the languages is not spoken, you will always find someone around who speaks it.

Language Café Accra: Twi Café

At Language Café Accra we learn and practice Twi every Friday from 6PM in Osu. Learners and Native Speakers meet to practice the language and learn about the culture.

We have been doing this since December 2020, and about 200 people have joined already. We are not a language course and we don’t follow a curriculum. That comes with the benefit that you don’t have to come every week, you won’t miss anything if you skip some time. Of course, we do encourage you to come and practice as much as possible.

Learn Twi on the beach

Do you want to learn more Twi? During our Twi&Surf Weekend in Busua we will practice useful Twi phrases with native speakers.

After the weekend you know how to

  • introduce yourself and a friend
  • bargain on the market
  • take a taxi
  • order food in a restaurant

in Twi!

Together with a Native Speaker we will practice a script, maybe even do a short role play as well as play local games and sing songs.

You don’t have to know anything in Twi before the weekend, but if you do already that’s a plus.

Other activities on the beach

Since we drive all the way to Busua, we cannot leave without surfing! This is what this beach is known for. We will take surf classes and practice on our own. If you already know how to surf, you can just grab a board and start.

We will also visit a fort, take a boat trip to the island and have lunch there, taste delicious food and just relax. It’s the weekend away we all need!

Yes! I want to go to Busua!

You’re lucky, we have some slots left. You can book your slot including transportation from 1399GHS, or excluding transportation from 1049GHS. Prices go up if you want to have a private room.

It also includes:

  • all meals in Busua
  • surf classes
  • tour fees and guides
  • boat trip
  • professional pictures of your surfing experience
  • bonfire, music and games evening
  • native volunteer who helps with the Twi language

Check out the booking form for more information or email

See you in Busua!