How to meet new people in Accra?

Everyone wants to know how to meet new people in Accra. Networking is extremely important in this city, and you might want to have a friend or two to go to a party. Or just share experiences about life (abroad). Don’t worry, here are some suggestions.

Join a social club

There’s plenty of social clubs to think about (if it doesn’t exist here yet, start your own!) and it depends on your own interest which one to join. You can take a look at a book club, this expat groups for mothers or the Ghana International Women’s club. Just ask around for clubs of your interest!

Try a new sport

A good way to meet people (and really get to know them) is playing sports. If you like hiking, climbing and camping you can join Ghana mountaineers (also for kids!), there’s a sailing club, play golf in Achimota, rugby or tennis.

There are countless gyms in Accra, for individual practicing or group lessons for example at Pippa’s health center or Steps in the city.

For more dancing join weekly programs such as Wednesdays salsa at Afrikiko and sensual Tuesdays at Mama Cuisine

Go on a group tour

If you like traveling and exploring Ghana you can join a group tour. Lots of travel agencies offer day trips and weekend trips. You can take a look at mooove Africa, The Travel Clan or of course… our own Language Café Accra trips.


Looking for religious events and like minded people? You can join a church community. Hope City Accra welcomes people from all over the world for their services and other events.

Visit (networking) events

Check out the websites of embassies and business councils for networking events in Accra. They often come with workshops, speakers and a discussion opportunity.

There are also events like the Green Butterfly Market, Food Truck Festival Accra and our LCA potluck where you can socialize.


This one is a little tricky. We are not talking about the volunteer in an orphanage or school kind of thing, but there are lots of other volunteer options available. For example volunteer with Language Café Accra, Plastic Punch or The Black Star International Film Festival.

Come to the Language Cafés!

The best way to meet new people in Accra is obviously to come to our Language Cafés. Join as a learner or volunteer, meet new people and build your network in Accra. By now many people got new friends, travel buddies, house mates, people are getting jobs and some even… relationships.

Our community attracts people who are open minded, interested in other languages and cultures, some people are well traveled or looking forward to explore the world and we are all in for meeting new people and helping you around.

If you have any question regards to living in Accra, always fee free to send an email to

Akwaaba! Welcome to Ghana! We wish you a wonderful time.