Five reasons to learn a new language

Are you thinking of learning a new language? Let us help motivate you to start! Here are five reasons to learn a new language.

Learning a new language helps you getting around the country

Assuming you moved to Ghana or will stay here for a short term, it will make it so much easier if you speak a little Twi (or other local language). Even just greeting and asking people how they are will open a whole world for you.

Don’t you love it when you speak to a foreigner in your country who tries a little of your languages? It shows respect and effort to really feel at home somewhere

It makes you smarter

Language learning helps improve your thinking skills and memory abilities. Bilingual students concentrate better, ignoring distractions more effectively than those who only speak one language.

You can make new friends

Imagine you your are walking in the streets of your new neighbor hood and all of a sudden you hear some words in a language you speak. This is a good conversation starter! Go ahead and (if the conversation is nice…) introduce yourself and talk about how you ended up speaking this language. Works also well in hotels, at touristic areas, on the beach, beside a sports field etc.

It gives you more opportunities career wise

Nowadays it’s very normal that your jobs require to be able to speak decent English, but what do you think about French, Spanish or Mandarin? It might help you broaden your career opportunities.

You can join Language Café Accra!

Of course! A Language Café requires you to have at least a basic knowledge of the language (unless stated differently). We are not a not a language course. We facilitate offline meeting for your to practice with Native Speakers. During a Café you will discuss a topic or read an article together. And the bonus is the new people in Accra you will meet.

Are you exited to join our Cafés? Check out the agenda and registration links to register.