Discover Eastern Region: Waterfalls and Cocoa!

Are you looking for a great group tour out of Accra? You don’t have to worry about anything. Transportation, meals and the activities are organized, and you don’t have to go alone. Let’s make some memories with us!

Next Eastern Region day trip: Sunday 17 September 2023 (click here for the booking form)

What to do in the Eastern Region?

The day trip to Eastern Region starts with a visit to one of the waterfalls in the mountains. It’s a short walk from where the bus parks (no hiking experience required). You can cool down a little (note: it’s cooler in the mountains, especially in the morning), before you go to the next waterfalls.

After all the fun in or around the water it’s time for lunch. This will happen with a view. We don’t joke with food and we will do everything (in our hands!) to get you a delicious meal. If you have allergies or specific diets let us know. You will be presented a menu, but we can always work out something for you in these cases.

After the lunch we will drive to a cocoa farm. This is the first cocoa farm in Ghana. You will learn about the ordinary way cocoa came to Ghana, taste some of the fruit and raw cocoa and if you’re lucky you can even try to harvest some beans.

Then it’s time for the last activity of the day: a tour through the botanical gardens. A tour guide will take you along the plants and trees. You will discover the tree of life, hear about the helicopter in the park and just stroll around before we head back to Accra.

You deserve this day out of the busy and chaotic city. On Monday you will be back at the office with a fresh mind. Click for more information

Costs for the tour to Eastern Region

The fee of the day trip to Eastern Region is 899GHS. This includes transportation (from and back to Accra, and during the day), lunch with an amazing view, entrance fees to four different places, drinking water, a snack, travel host and of course travel buddies.

You only have to bring extra cash for drinks at lunch and maybe a pineapple or coconut on the road.

More information about the day trip

Find more information about Waterfalls & Cocoa here, or reach out to us by email:

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